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Tooth Crowns

The visible part of all of our teeth is called the crown of the tooth. Our crowns allow us to do many things including eat food, speak, and of course smile! In some instances, a cavity can appear on the crown and get so big where the most of the crown has to be removed to save the tooth. No need to worry though, at Westpark Pediatric Dentistry of Richmond, Texas, we offer a restoration called a dental crown to replace what was removed.


Dr. Mila will work closely with you and your child in need of the crown to determine what material the crown will be made of. Crowns are custom-made artificial caps that are placed on the portion of the tooth that wasn’t infected. Crowns are made to look just like the natural crown that was removed in shape, size, and if you prefer color. In our office we offer different materials crowns can be made of including:

Stainless steel

Options for a tooth-colored to be made is available for the patients that would like the crown to match their natural teeth exactly.

Benefits of Artificial Crowns

Some parents and patients worry that if a tooth has experienced too much decay that it is beyond repair. We are so thankful for advanced dental technology to be able to offer each patient a way to have a beaming smile even after decay. For the parents, it is important to understand the benefits of crown restorations and why we recommend them.

After the decay has been removed, there will be little to no visible portion of the tooth left. This leaves the tooth highly susceptible to more decay that would cause worse damage. With a crown, the tooth will be protected.

Crowns are bonded to teeth making them a permanent fix

Wherever the crown is needed, the replacement will provide your child with normal teeth functions such as smiling, chewing, and speaking.

Dental crowns are an amazing way to restore your child’s smile when severe decay occurs. Any questions and concerns can be answered by our office Westpark Pediatric Dentistry located in Richmond, Texas.

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