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Dental Technology in Richmond, TX

At Westpark Pediatric Dentistry, our commitment to treating every patient comprehensively involves utilizing advanced dental technology in Richmond that’s been proven to make visits safer, more comfortable, and convenient for kids and their parents.

Put our dental technology to the test in Richmond, TX today!

Our gadgetry might look like it’s from the future.

We’re happy to explain what each machine and tool does and how using them aids diagnosis and treatment planning.

Digital X-Rays

Giving us an important view.

Digital x-rays aren’t necessarily new to dentistry, but they’re still a gift we don’t take for granted. While traditional dental x-rays helped dentists sufficiently spot problems and plan treatments, digital x-rays provide us with even clearer images and can be taken from the chair!

Along with the increased ease, comfort, and speed come safety enhancements that benefit your child as well as our team! Digital x-ray images are obtained using 70% less radiation than traditional x-ray imaging—this is very important because we typically like to examine new x-rays annually.

  • Your child’s x-rays show us the condition of their enamel, roots, jawbones, & restorations.
  • We place magnetic aprons around children to further decrease their exposure to radiation.
  • Within just a couple of minutes, images will be ready for us to examine together.
  • Another benefit of digital x-rays is their environmental friendliness—no film developing needed!
Closeup of x-ray machine

Intraoral Cameras

Helping us create an accurate record.

If you’ve been to the dentist in the past decade, you’re likely familiar with intraoral cameras, and if so, you know how useful a tool they can be! Being able to show your child high definition images of their forming teeth and surrounding tissues is almost sure to fascinate them.

Fascination can definitely make visiting the dentist more fun, and it can motivate children to care for their teeth with more excitement—who doesn’t want to see healthy pink gums and sparkling clean teeth when they’re looking at up-close photos of their mouths? We sure do!

  • Intraoral cameras are conveniently small and at the end of thin wands.
  • The photos snapped by our intraoral camera can be magnified up to 25 times.
  • Magnification helps us spot potential problems before they become big issues.
  • Intraoral camera images help us keep the most detailed record of your child’s changing smile.
Intraoral Camera

Photograph their beautiful smile as it develops!

Let’s work together to keep their smile healthy.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit for your child, contact your Richmond pediatric dentist, Dr. Malije Onwueme at Westpark Pediatric Dentistry today.

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