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Kids Dental Services

We welcome children to the wonderful world of dentistry from their first birthday and look forward to caring for their smile into their teenage years. We provide services to meet their oral health needs through each phase of development!

Brighten our day by scheduling your child’s visit!

We’ll show your child that dental appointments can be fun.

We’re confident we can make your little one feel at ease in our care. They may even ask you when they can come back!

Preventive Care

Proactive approaches keep smiles strong.

Our practice has the compassionate team you’d hope for and the tools, technology, and experience you’d expect from dentists that can repair children’s smiles, but we know most families are in agreement with us when we say the best dental work is no dental work!

Excellent preventive care is necessary to avoid more time in the dental chair, and though we make that time as comfortable and fun as possible, we know most children would rather be out enjoying the Richmond sunshine—we can’t blame ‘em! Instead, we offer services for infection and decay prevention.


Restorative Care

Repairing damage and rebuilding confidence.

When you’re a parent, the inclination to protect your child from pain is strong, and dental pain is no exception to this rule. Unfortunately, tooth decay and injury are common in children because they’re still developing their hygiene skills and might take tumbles while playing.

The good news is, if your child needs more than preventive services, restorative dentistry can bring back the health and sweetness of their smile. Keeping up with regular checkups can ensure earlier discovery of problems, which can help them avoid the need for more extensive treatment.

Baby Tooth Loss Infographic

Sedation Dentistry

Alleviating dental fears and discomfort.

Dental fear is very common in adults; because children are very perceptive, they can pick up on your fear and anxiety surrounding dental care. We don’t say this to make you feel guilty—just the opposite! We want to work with you and your child to remove fears.

If your child is simply afraid of the unfamiliar, the possibility of unpleasant sensations, or requires extensive restorative care, sedation can be immensely helpful. Dr. Mali is certified to administer nitrous oxide, as well as oral and IV sedation from the comfort of our office or in the hospital.


Emergency Care

Recalibrating the oral health compass.

Dental emergencies, like every other type of emergency, can be frightening and even traumatic. If one should occur for your child, we hope you’ll find reassurance in the fact that we’re available after hours to take the sting out of emergencies and help your child’s smile heal.

We recommend reviewing this guide for a list of dental emergencies and how to handle them, because knowing what to look for and what actions to take can prevent you from panicking in the moment—we can, too, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Symptoms that indicate a dental emergency:

  • Tooth pain, cracked, or broken tooth.
  • An abscess, bleeding, swelling &/or pus.
  • Injury resulting in loose or knocked out tooth.

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Is your child ready to enter the exciting world of dentistry?

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