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Sedation Dentistry

At Westpark Pediatric Dentistry in Richmond, Texas we recognize that visiting the dentist can be a stressful and fearful experience for some children. Sometimes all it takes is a general cleaning to cause a little anxiety in your child. Because of this, we make it our priority to help children understand each procedure to make it less intimidating for them. In some cases, children are still scared and will fight to have dental work done. To help calm the patient and complete the dental work, we offer several kinds of sedation.

Sedation Options

Different levels of sedation are offered to help relax the patient during their visit. Together, you and Dr. Mali will work to decide which option is best for your child. We offer: 

Nitrous Oxide: You are probably familiar with this one and know it as “laughing gas”. Laughing gas is administered to the patient through a space mask. It is a minor form of sedation, completely safe for children, and is very effective in calming and relaxing them enough for their treatment.

Oral Sedation: Our moderate form of sedation is through an oral sedative that will allow complete relaxation. Your child will be awake during the procedure but will be completely relaxed and stress-free! 

Intravenous Sedation: This is our most powerful sedative and is used when your child has special conditions that make receiving care difficult. Through IV sedation, your child will be deeply relaxed and often a little sleepy. Throughout the procedure, your child will be carefully monitored by our team. Before administered, you will work closely with Dr. Mali to go over the details and address any concerns.

Sedation dentistry has dramatically improved dentistry by giving patients a better dental care experience. Our dentist is trained in sedation dentistry and will work with you through any sedation decisions made for your child’s treatment. If you’re in Richmond, Texas, and need a pediatric dentist who can help make your child’s dental care experience more pleasant, please contact Westpark Pediatric Dentistry! 

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