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Pacifier Pros & Cons in Richmond - Westpark Pediatric Dentistry
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Pacifier Pros & Cons

Posted on January 13th, 2020

To binky or not to binky? Pacifier use for infants has been a subject of debate as long as they’ve been around. Richmond pediatric dentist Dr. Malije Onwueme shares some pros and cons below.


  • Pacifiers can soothe a fussy baby. Whether your child has a strong sucking reflex or has difficulty falling asleep, a pacifier can be an effective step towards entering Dreamland. (Unfortunately, sleeping through the night is not affected by pacifier use.)
  • Pacifiers are distracting. If baby has to have a shot, a binky can help to forget the poke.
  • Pacifiers can reduce SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) risk at naptime and bedtime. If breastfeeding, wait until baby is 3-4 weeks old and you’ve got a regular nursing routine.


  • Pacifiers may increase ear-infection risk. However, babies 0-6 months old are at the highest risk of SIDS and the lowest risk of ear infection, which is the age babies usually want a binky most.
  • Prolonged pacifier use can lead to dental problems. Westpark Pediatric Dentistry wants you to know that normal pacifier use during the first few years of a child’s life rarely affects the teeth, but prolonged use can cause bite misalignment or postpone teeth coming in as they should.

If you have more questions about pacifier use or just need a quality dentist for your little one, get in touch with Dr. Malije Onwueme today!

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