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Gummy Vitamins and My Child’s Oral Health

Posted on May 1st, 2020

gummy vitaminsParents have loved the options of providing their children with multivitamins to allow their children to obtain the vitamins they are deficient in especially if the child is a picky eater. Though this might seem to be an amazing solution for most parents please understand that not all vitamins are created equally. Chewable, gummy vitamins are often marketed to children and may provide great benefits systemically but carry risks of damaging your child’s dentition. Here are three ways gummy vitamins can  affect your child’s oral health to be mindful of next time you are deciding what vitamin to choose for your little one:

Gummy Vitamins will adhere to your child’s teeth

Like gummy candy, particles of gummy vitamins can easily stick to your child’s teeth. Bacteria that cause decay feeds on sugars and food matters left on your teeth. Because they can be harder to clean by brushing, the risk of developing decay increases. If your child takes a gummy multivitamin, encourage them to brush their teeth thoroughly shortly after consuming one. Making sure that your child continues to visit their pediatric dentist regularly is also important for professional cleanings and dental evaluations.

Gummy Vitamins are made up of a lot of sugar

Compared to pills and harder, chewable multivitamins, gummy vitamins generally contain 4-7 times more sugar.  Also, Ingredients such as gelatin and sucrose are often found in gummy vitamins. The bacteria that cause cavities love these sugars because it makes it easier to cause  tooth decay.

Please Don’t Confuse Them For Candy

Candy contributes to tooth decay because the sticky, sweet, sugary contents cling to teeth, promoting decay. Gummy vitamins appear to be more healthy but still are similar because they share several key ingredients with gummy candies. It is imperative  that your child never confuses a multivitamin for a candy. Consuming more vitamins than the suggested amount can lead to serious health complications.
Overall, multivitamins can help balance a diet that does not include key nutrients. While gummy vitamins are often a great way for children to be excited to take a vitamin, consider the risks they pose to your child’s oral health.

Our Recommendation:

Ultimately, you child’s pediatrician will make the best recommendation regarding what vitamin supplements to give your little one but please consider:

  1. If your child does regularly take a gummy multivitamin, have them brush their teeth after taking one. Taking a vitamin before brushing your teeth prior to bedtime is one way to ensure your child’s teeth remain clean.
  2. Consider a chewable chalky vitamin, like “Flintstones,” or something similar that easily wash away and do not stick on the teeth for a prolonged amount of time.
  3. Children should receive at least two dental examinations per year, with additional visits needed for those with a high risk of developing decay or other oral health complications.
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